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35 things the media reported as FACTS that were later found to be total lie

The Health Ranger

Dear NaturalNews readers,

The mainstream media suffocates the truth by burying it under a mountain of blatant lies.

Just for fun, I’ve listed 35 recent mainstream media lies that all fell apart when subjected to reality. Did you fall for any of these?

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Measles is not our number one health threat today. Superbug infections are becoming commonplace in hospitals across America:

As pests develop resistance to GMO crops, DuPont's sales are suffering:

Be aware of these seven common physical signs of nutritional deficiencies:

The cures for all autoimmune diseases have this in common; you must repair the gut:

Beyond cage-free: "Pasture-raised" eggs are what you want. Here's why:

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U.S. doctors announce vaccine jihad against the American people as a form of "medical terrorism"
(NaturalNews) A number of U.S. doctors are making their opinions known regarding their support for mass vaccinations of the American public by announcing that they will refuse to see patients who hold libertarian views regarding vaccine choice. The...
DuPont's GMO sales falter as pests develop resistance
(NaturalNews) With four successive quarters of declining agricultural sales in Brazil, 2015 isn't looking so good for the world's fourth largest chemical company. The decrease in revenue, which dropped over 4 percent from October to December last year...
Mark Dice strikes again: Insanely stupid Americans sign petition to promote illiteracy
(NaturalNews) What's the best way to support a new Obama Administration "education program"? Well, lend your support to an "illiteracy project," so that kids won't be taught how to read. Sounds goofy? Of course, it is goofy, but that's exactly...
Pasture-raised eggs are one of the richest sources of bioactive nutrients
(NaturalNews) Eggs are among the most nutritious foods on the planet. A whole egg contains all the nutrients required to turn a single cell into a baby chicken. Pasture-raised eggs are one of the richest sources of bioactive nutrients that enhance hormone...
These simple physical signs could indicate a nutrient deficiency
(NaturalNews) It's wise to consult a holistic physician, chiropractor, orthomolecular (mega-dose supplements instead of pharmaceuticals) practitioner, naturopath or other holistic practitioner who is conversant with nutritional health if you're feeling...
Medical scopes spread superbugs in US hospitals
(NaturalNews) Measles fear-mongering is all the rage right now, but lesser-publicized reports about deadly superbugs suggest that a much bigger public health threat might be your local hospital. Over the past several years, nearly a dozen patients at...
Perdue blames its chicken farmers for inhumane conditions, loses customers in the process
(NaturalNews) Over 8 billion chickens are raised for meat annually in the United States. Some are raised inhumanely in factory farms, providing cheap meat. Other chicken producers pledge to raise chickens in free-range, humane conditions. At the supermarket...
Autoimmune disease, the span's betrayal - How to heal
(NaturalNews) When you think of disease, life-threatening disease, what first comes to mind? Cancer? Heart disease? According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), 9 million Americans suffer from Cancer on an annual basis; 22 million suffer from...
American satisfaction with federal government hits lowest point ever recorded by survey
(NaturalNews) The one area where Americans share a truly bipartisan opinion is how they view their government, which is to say, not very favorably. According to MarketWatch, Americans' dissatisfaction -- hatred, even -- of the federal government...
Accuracy of fitness trackers called into question
(NaturalNews) If you're wearing a fitness tracker to gauge your physical activity and the calories you've burned, you may want to reconsider the numbers you see at the end of your workout or day. The truth is, what you see may be far from accurate. In...
Food Rising grow systems launch in FOUR days: New photos reveal 3D printed parts, plant roots and more
(NaturalNews) The Food Rising revolution launches in just four days! On Tuesday of next week, we will be publicly launching the revolutionary Food Rising grow systems. SEE PHOTOS BELOW. Summary of the revolutionary advantages of the Food Rising grow...
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