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WEBINAR: Using ROI to Build Trust & Differentiate in Today's Healthcare Marketplace
When: Thursday, March 12th @ 2pm ET
Who Should Attend: Chief Marketing Officers, Sales & Marketing leadership, anyone interested in building trust with providers/payers

As healthcare organizations endeavor to adopt more sophisticated business models and technology platforms, the byproducts of increased budget scrutiny, fewer selling opportunities, and the challenges of displacing competitor products have brought new complexity to healthcare sales. In this increasingly competitive marketplace, onus is on healthcare suppliers to build trust and differentiate their solutions by quantifying the immediate and long-term value their products and services pose to provider and payer organizations.

Join Porter Research and Maestro Strategies on Thursday, March 12th at 2pm ET for a 45 minute webinar addressing ways healthcare suppliers can spanively validate and demonstrate their solution's value - beyond traditional ROI - to providers and payers. Guest speaker and HealthEdge Vice President of Marketing Brian Bogie will offer a first-hand account of his experience establishing an ROI Toolkit to help his company articulate value and build trust with healthcare buyers.

What will you learn?

>> How to quantify full solution value as part of your go-to-market strategy
>> How to validate key value metrics with your current customers
>> How to model value realization to better engage future buyers
>> How ROI tools developed with your peers can build trust, differentiation


Cynthia Porter
Porter Research
Healthcare Go-to-Market Research

Susan Irby
Business Intelligence Practice Leader
Maestro Strategies
Healthcare Business Strategy

Brian Bogie
VP of Marketing
Healthcare Payer Solutions


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