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Vaccine horrors: Shocking side effects shown in photos the mainstream media never wants you to see

The Health Ranger

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By now I hope you know that vaccines really do cause autism, developmental delays, neurological damage, seizures, and autoimmune disease. But have you ever seen the physical damage vaccines can do?

The media will never show these photos. They are too horrifying, as they reveal the unfathomable pain and suffering so many innocent children endure under today's delusional vaccine fanatics who deny that any of these side effects occur at all:

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You know that cute little guy who just wants everyone to get vaccinated, so he doesn't catch the measles while on chemotherapy? His family has ties to a vaccine company:

This pediatrician supports parents' choices and says that measles poses no risk to healthy children:

If you're pinching pennies at a dollar store, be aware that many of their products are loaded with toxic chemicals:

Do you get enough quality sleep? Find out here:

A recent study says eating almonds can reduce heart disease risks and belly fat:

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Robert Scott Bell

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