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The Health RangerDear NaturalNews readers,

Nut milks are extremely popular among health-conscious consumers, but the mass-produced nut milks sold at the store all suffer from two critical problems in their ingredients: carrageenan and calcium carbonate.

Carrageenan is a thickening agent that's increasingly concerning to many consumers. Although I personally don't find it irritating, some people say consuming it leads to bowel irritation or digestion discomfort.

To me, however, the far greater problem in commercial nut milks is the added calcium carbonate. Nearly all nut milk makers add this ingredient -- essentially powdered limestone -- to their products in order to increase the calcium content to compete with cow's milk. This is why you see label claims such as "high in calcium!" on commercial nut milk products.

What's the problem with calcium carbonate? It's inorganic calcium, and in my opinion you should never drink powdered rocks. Yes, your span needs calcium, but it needs to be from plant sources where the calcium has been enhanced into a bioavailable, organic form.

The solution to all this? Make your own nut milks!

Suddenly it's EASY to make your own nut milks

For years, I made almond milk the hard way: I soaked the almonds, blended them in a Vita-Mix, then used a nut milk bag to squeeze out the almond milk.

It was a tedious process, but it produced really delicious and highly nutritious almond milk.

Now, there's a far easier way to accomplish the same thing, and it's all due to a breakthrough appliance that probably has the most ridiculous sounding name ever: "SoyaPower G4."

As you probably guessed, the "SoyaPower G4" was created to give people an easy way to make soy milk. Soy milk is extremely popular in China and Taiwan, you see, and the making of soy milk is a very common activity there.

It turns out that the SoyaPower machine is also incredibly good at making almond milk, hemp milk, quinoa milk, oat milk, rice milk and almost any other nut milk or grain milk you can think of.

The process is ridiculously easy: Dump the pre-soaked nuts and water into the device and press the appropriate button on the control panel. The device does the blending in minutes to make raw almond milk. (You can also make heated nut milks such as soy milk, which must be cooked.) After it's done, you use the included strainer to easily separate the nut pulp from the gorgeous nut milk liquid. You're done!

The SoyaPower G4 nut milk maker produces both raw nut milks and cooked nut milks, depending on your selection. The entire grinding and cooking chamber of the device is made out of stainless steel, so your nut milk never comes into contact with plastic.

Click here to get one from the Natural News Store. (Ships to the U.S. 50 states only, sorry no Canada shipping available.)


Also makes quinoa porridge, soup and hot chocolate!

What really blew my mind about the SoyaPower G4 is how it can also be used to make porridge, soup and even hot chocolate. Simply drop cacao nibs into the device, add water, and it makes super healthy hot chocolate in minutes! (You might also add some palm sugar as a healthy sweetener.)

Check out the video on this page at the Natural News Store for even more ideas and recipes for putting the SoyaPower G4 to good use.


Saves you a HUGE amount of money on nut milk

One of the best benefits of using this breakthrough appliance is that it saves you huge dollars on nut milks.

If you're buying nut milk at the store, you're paying mostly for water. All nut milks are predominantly made of water, and water is very expensive to ship around because it's heavy. It's far more economical to buy your own raw nuts and add filtered water at home, then blend your own finished nut milk for pennies on the dollar.

With the SoyaPower, you can literally make your own almond milk for about 1/10th the cost of commercial nut milk. And that means the appliance pays for itself very quickly while saving you money every time you use it.

Given today's skyrocketing food prices, it's more and more difficult to feed yourself healthy food on a budget, right? But this appliance is a key solution: it saves you money while increasing the quality of your diet! (Plus, you can stop drinking powdered limestone rocks!)


This simple appliance has revolutionized my own diet

It's extremely rare for an appliance to really change the way I eat. The Vita-Mix is, of course, a breakthrough appliance that's absolutely central to my own diet (I use it every morning to blend a superfood smoothie).

Now, the SoyaPower G4 is in the same category: it's a life-changing appliance because it makes the process of creating your own nut milk incredibly convenient.

In fact, if I had to name the three most important health-related appliance I know of today, they would be:

#1) The Vita-Mix
#2) The Excalibur food dehydrator
#3) The SoyaPower G4 nut milk maker

With those three appliance, you're all set! And if you want to grow your own food for pennies on the dollar, I'm releasing the Food Rising grow system videos and plans next week at www.FoodRising.org

Suddenly, eating healthy is more affordable than ever!

Get your SoyaPower G4 here.


Thank you for your support,

- Mike Adams, the Health Ranger


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