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Entire national media calling on doctors to violate fundamental medical ethics in push for vaccines
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Big Business owns mainstream media. This is why the push for vaccination is becoming more fanatical by the day.

Now, the media is openly calling for doctors to bully and coerce their patients in total violation of established medical ethics and patients' rights:

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A new book by Vani Hari, The Food Babe Way, pulls back the curtain and exposes the food industry:

As we just learned with NBC News and the Brian Williams "serial liar" scandal, the only thing more dangerous than lying in the mainstream media is telling the truth!

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Vaccine companies need you to ignore these three huge flaws in their logic:

Learn how and why turmeric kills cancer cells:

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Robert Scott Bell

Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EST: RSB reveals another layer of the infectious disease vaccine agenda to frighten the American public to abandon individual liberty for false medical security.

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Entire national media calling on doctors to violate fundamental medical ethics in push for vaccines
(NaturalNews) Like the infamous brownshirts who marched lockstep in obedience to their beloved dictator, nearly every major mainstream media outlet today is simultaneously and savagely ripping at those who choose not to vaccinate, calling for free-thinking...
Gallup CEO warns that he may 'suddenly disappear' for telling truth about unemployment rate
(NaturalNews) Was it hyperbole or was he serious? It's hard to say, but the head of one of the country's premier polling services just made a startling statement for simply being honest about the Obama Administration's employment numbers. Specifically...
General Mills caves to Food Babe's BHT petition in less than 24 hours
(NaturalNews) Big Food is surrendering to consumer demands faster than ever before. Food corporations are removing chemical after chemical from their food products, as the clean food movement pushes forward with diligence. Leaders of the clean food movement...
Arizona cardiologist responds to critics regarding measles and vaccines
(NaturalNews) I recently did an interview which was aired on NBC Phoenix.[1] I was asked my opinion on vaccinations in response to the current measles outbreaks that have occurred at Disneyland in California. My reply[2] has generated...
The Food Babe Way book review: Breakthrough guide exposes harmful factory food ingredients that are still poisoning our children
(NaturalNews) A hard-hitting new book just being launched today blows the whistle on toxic ingredients in the food supply. It's so compelling that Big Food and Big Biotech corporations hired armies of negative P.R. trolls to try to crush the book even...
Science proves vaccines cause disease - nutrition is the key to a long, healthy life
(NaturalNews) The struggle continues into the future: humans versus germs. In the fight against the unseen pathogens, modern medicine thinks it now has the upper hand -- an arsenal of vaccines in its quiver. We are now led to believe that our bodies are...
Read food labels before eating food? What about vaccine ingredients?
(NaturalNews) If you are one of those people who reads most labels on food products before you purchase and eat them, then you are scanning for additives and ingredients that either you are allergic to, are genetically modified, are processed, are dead...
Toxic Home Syndrome causes heart disease, cancer - how polluted is your home?
(NaturalNews) Many people may enjoy a well-balanced diet and engage in physical activity to stay in shape, but the truth is, that might not be enough to remain healthy. It turns out that simply going about routine activities in the household may jeopardize...
Doctor accused of medical fraud, overprescribing pain meds, leading to five deaths
(NaturalNews) It's not uncommon for criminals to show up in the medical field. The insurance system by itself encourages doctors to use criminal and unethical behavior to make a living. Doctors care less about the quality of care they are giving. They...
Top 3 things that show vaccines are flawed and antiquated
(NaturalNews) Sometimes we just refuse to see the writing on the wall. It's not because we are bad people, but rather, we just can't stand to allow our ego to be bruised. When this stance is taken, it becomes very difficult to admit any weakness or wrongdoing...
Hyperlearning webinar teaches how to read and absorb information 300% faster than normal speeds
(NaturalNews) Information today moves at lightning speed. We are constantly being bombarded with news headlines, Twitter "tweets," email updates, Facebook statuses and other digital life blips that may at times expand our knowledge and provide fresh insight...
Improve your sleep with these 5 easy tips
(NaturalNews) Sleep consumes around one-third of our lives. At least it should if you wish to be healthy with a strong immune system. But sleep is not just time in bed. The quality of sleep is very important. Studies at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Miami...
How turmeric kills cancer and how to optimize curcumin absorption
(NaturalNews) Turmeric is a bright yellow root with a tan skin that is typically used in Middle Eastern, Northern African, and Southeast Asian cuisine. Turmeric is one of the main ingredients in curry spice blends, and it makes a great addition to soups...
Study finds that chemotherapy treatment being forced on Connecticut girl will increase her risk of death more than 10-fold
(NaturalNews) In case you missed it, the Connecticut Supreme Court recently ruled that a 17-year-old girl diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma must undergo chemotherapy treatments against her will, a blatant violation of medical freedom and personal...
Researchers attempt to find the equation for happiness
(NaturalNews) It's no secret that happiness is beneficial to health, and now researchers from the University College London are attempting to delve deeper, seeking to actually calculate what makes people experience the feel-good emotion from one moment...
How the corrupt US justice system benefits the Medical Mafia by punishing competitors
(NaturalNews) A good man is currently being persecuted by the venal U.S. justice system and faces up to 37 years in federal prison, for the alleged "crime" of helping people purify their own water for just pennies a day. Daniel Smith is the latest victim...
Why does Big Food put harmful chemicals in cereal in America but not Europe?
(NaturalNews) The U.S. has a unique system in place for regulating food chemicals. It's been around since 1958, providing loopholes for companies to sneak through. Initially designed to provide oversight, this system has instead become a gateway for welcoming...
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