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Living Fuel pledges funding for 100 Food Rising grow system donations to schools across America
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Dear NaturalNews readers,

The Living Fuel company (www.LivingFuel.com) called us and pledged funds to secure the donation of 100 Food Rising grow systems to schools and churches across America!

This is great news. Donation requests are flowing in, and we've extended the fundraiser through the end of February, with full videos scheduled to reveal the grow systems on February 24th:

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The media continues to ignore the most likely cause of the recent measles outbreak, viral shedding, which occurs after a child is vaccinated:

Another fact the media ignores is that CDC reports reveal no deaths from measles in 10 years but more than 100 deaths from the vaccinations:

The American Cancer Society is also completely ignoring science. They're telling us  food choices play little or no role in reducing and preventing the disease:

Disease starts in the gut. This is why diet is so crucial in preventing and healing disease. Balance your gut flora, heal your intestines, and get well:

The FDA's investigation shows us that buying supplements from big corporate retailers that do not care about health is a good way to get ripped off, or worse:

more breaking news continues below...

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Robert Scott Bell

Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show 7-9PM EST: RSB and Jonathan Emord talk with Campaign for Liberty’s Norm Singleton about the sudden push for mandatory vaccinations and the attacks on Rand Paul for supporting parental choice!

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Measles outbreak likely caused by vaccinated children, science shows
(NaturalNews) While the media continues to spew emotionally charged tirades about how the anti-vaccination "movement" allegedly triggered the recent measles outbreak that health authorities believe started at Disneyland, actual science suggests that the...
Measles vaccines kill more people than measles, CDC data proves
(NaturalNews) Parents concerned about their vaccinated children potentially contracting measles from unvaccinated children may want to consider the fact that the bigger health threat is technically the vaccine, not the disease itself. Comparative data...
Over 300 seabirds affected by mysterious deadly goo near San Francisco
(NaturalNews) Companies carrying out large-scale industrial processes in the San Francisco Bay are expected to be under close watch after a mysterious substance contaminated the area, killing and wounding hundreds of seabirds. The incident began when...
Drinking coffee can naturally cut melanoma risk by 20%
(NaturalNews) The leading cause of skin-cancer death in the United States, melanoma, may be prevented by engaging in a habit that's familiar to millions of Americans. The act of drinking coffee might offer protection against the devastating illness, according...
Another "shocker" from the American Cancer Society
(NaturalNews) Cancer patients and their loved ones are often in a state of shock immediately following a new diagnosis. But soon after, they will be searching for answers about treatment options and ways to improve their chances for survival. As they...
FDA cracks down Walmart, GNC, other companies selling supplements that do not contain the herbs on the label
(NaturalNews) On Monday the New York State Attorney General announced that testing found four major retailers sell supplements consisting of cheap fillers and allergenic compounds instead of the herbs they claim to contain. Walmart, Walgreens, Target...
Seven natural remedies to ease a sore throat
(NaturalNews) From air pollution that acts as an irritant to allergies and the frustrating common cold, the causes for developing a sore throat are plenty. While the Mayo Clinic notes that more serious issues may be at hand such as cancerous throat tumors...
Off-grid cooking: How to make a Fresnel solar cooker
(NaturalNews) For those interested in living off-grid, solar energy offers one of the best and most readily-available sources of energy. There are many ways to harness the sun's power for performing a number of tasks, such as creating electricity and...
Solving the MSG Problem with Magnesium
(NaturalNews) The concern about MSG and glumtames in the food supply has hit a new all-time high since Codex Alimentarium rules are being enforced. Codex, through the WHO and WTO (World Trade Organization) creates the standards by which foods can...
Gut health - What it is and how to improve it
(NaturalNews) Gut health. Catchy phrase, isn't it? Of course the first thing it brings to mind is diarrhea, constipation, bloating and gas, right? But gut health is so much more. It's not just whether your bowels regularly move or whether you have...
Improve on these four key aspects to prepare for ultimate self-reliance and personal freedom
(NaturalNews) When it comes to being self-reliant these days, many assume that stocking up on necessities is the most important aspect for being prepared and surviving what is to come. As we grow more conscious of our surroundings we learn that we actually...
Feds to create national data warehouse to record disease details on Obamacare enrollees
(NaturalNews) When Democrats and President Obama were out "selling" the Affordable Care Act in 2009 and 2010, before they enacted it, do you recall anyone telling you that a provision of the law called for the construction of a massive government database...
Essential vocabulary for the medical police state descending upon America
(NaturalNews) Incredibly, U.S. Presidential candidates from the democratic party are now openly suggesting that all parents across America should be arrested and charged with crimes if they do not submit to having their children injected with toxic chemicals...
Mainstream media wages vile campaign of hate speech against unvaccinated children
(NaturalNews) Should parents who choose not to vaccinate their children be jailed and have their children taken away? Yes, according to a surprising number of vaccine activists who believe that the state's power supersedes that of parents on this and...
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