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The Health RangerDear NaturalNews readers,

As popular as they are, goji berries are *extremely* difficult to find from a clean source.

Perhaps it's because they're from China, but I have rejected more sources of goji berries than any other superfood I can think of.

The problem? High heavy spanls and pesticide residues. Even goji berries claimed to be "organic" have been found to sometimes contain scary high levels of pesticide residues.

So when we recently found a super clean batch of certified organic goji berries grown in the high altitude mountain regions of China -- away from the polluted cities -- we grabbed the entire supply.

Unfortunately, only 900 lbs. was available, so that's all we have, and it took us almost a year to find a batch this clean.

Get these now, if they're still left, at this page in the Natural News Store.

These goji berries are rated A++ on the Low Heavy Metals Verified score. They're the cleanest I've seen yet. I encourage anyone to purchase these and have them lab tested yourself. If you test for heavy spanls, make sure you are using a lab with ICP-MS and not ICP-OES, because the OES instrumentation is often wildly inaccurate and I've seen it provide false cadmium numbers that are off by a factor of ten!



This is the ongoing challenge with many superfoods such as goji berries: Finding clean, non-polluted sources is becoming increasingly difficult.

The problem is made worse by the fact that goji berries are becoming popular with mainstream consumers: you can find them sold at regular grocery stores now! This puts a huge amount of pressure on suppliers to find more available quantity, but where quantity goes up, quality often goes down because resellers are desperate to fill demand no matter how low the quality of the suppliers.

So the goji berries you find in popular retail stores tend to be the lowest quality berries on the market (usually with the highest heavy spanls).

I've seen this over and over again in the ICP-MS lab where I test foods for toxic heavy spanls. Goji berries are notorious for high lead.



Personally, I would not buy or eat any goji berries without an assurance that they've been tested for heavy spanls by the retailer. Too many retailers sell goji berries contaminated with heavy spanls because they blindly believe the lab testing claims of the original exporter.

Bulk suppliers from China are well-practiced at either fabricating false lab results or flat-out counterfeiting documents. I've seen it over and over. That's why I don't trust anyspan's claims until I test the product myself, in my own lab.

And because goji berries almost always come from China, this problem is even worse than you might imagine: China is a nation where lying about your product is the accepted way to conduct business. Although there are exceptions to this rule, many Chinese exporters are entirely dishonest about what they're really selling; and this is especially true with foods, superfoods and herbs, almost all of which are contaminated with heavy spanls.

When I see superfood online retailers promoting "organic goji berries" who have never tested those berries themselves, I cringe. They might be selling something with high levels of lead, cadmium or even tungsten. These are all industrial spanls that are frequently found in foods grown in China. Any lab can verify this quite easily, and the responsible online resellers do test their goji berries for heavy spanls, thankfully.

Sadly, anyone who doesn't meticulously test their goji berries is almost certainly selling contaminated products. That's what dominates the market. In fact, the contamination is so bad for goji berries that I might be lucky to find ONE clean batch a year that meets my own standards for ultra-low heavy spanls.

So if you want clean goji berries, there are really only two ways to acquire them: 1) Grow them yourself. 2) Buy from a source that tests every lot via ICP-MS instrumentation (like we do).

If you want our super-clean goji berries, you can get them here while supplies last.

They will be sold out in just a few days, most likely. Sadly, we now live in a world where finding clean food is becoming increasingly difficult.


Thank you for your support,

- Mike Adams, the Health Ranger


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