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Nazi Euthanasia United States Immunization.

When MEDICINE becomes MURDER: America's vaccine narrative now mirrors Nazi eugenics propaganda

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If we allow our government to forcibly vaccinate people against their will, we stand on the edge of a slippery slope that leads to extreme medical violence in the name of the "greater good."

What we're seeing now in America is eerily similar to Nazi sterilization and forced euthanasia posters from the 1930s:

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The FDA caught covering for Big Pharma. Researchers falsify data and engage in misconduct that has resulted in death and dismemberment:

While the CDC admits this flu shot is ineffective, we're still encouraged to vaccinate. Meanwhile, the span count keeps climbing...

Read why the Gardasil vaccine turned this child’s life into a waking nightmare:

Get rid of excess Candida to begin healing the span. Here's how to balance the gut fast:

Here are a few simple steps that you can do to prepare for almost any emergency:

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These simple steps will help you prepare for any emergency
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When MEDICINE becomes MURDER: America's vaccine narrative now mirrors Nazi eugenics propaganda
(NaturalNews) With each passing day as vaccine fanaticism spreads like a virus of the mind across the mainstream media, America is marching down the path of genocide and heinous human rights violations...
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