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One cup of frozen strawberries … that’s ONE of the ingredients that gives this smoothie the power to help you lose up to 12 pounds in 2 weeks.

But there’s another secret ingredient that gives this smoothie the fat-burning power to flatten your abs faster than you ever dreamed possible.

It fact, women who ate the secret ingredient lost 81 percent MORE stomach fat than women who didn’t eat it.

You’ll find the secret ingredient and the quick, complete recipe for this smoothie in The NEW Abs Diet for Women, page 112. Click here to receive a FREE COPY.
Have you heard about The Abs Diet for Women? It’s the diet that’s taking America by storm!
People love The NEW Abs Diet for Women for three very good reasons:
It works. It's easy. It's delicious. What makes The NEW Abs Diet for Women work so miraculously? New discoveries in diet chemistry!

New scientific breakthroughs now reveal that there are 12 powerfoods with the ability to build muscle, promote weight loss, strengthen bones, lower blood pressure — AND YES, SPEED UP WEIGHT LOSS — AND MAKE YOUR ABS FLATTER.

The NEW Abs Diet for Women unleashes the weight loss magic of 12 powerfoods in a way that NO OTHER diet on earth does.
Lose weight the easiest way possible.
Shrink your belly: Peanut butter smeared on an apple — plus a dash of this secret ingredient does the trick: PAGE 140.

Kiss your “muffin top” good-bye: This hearty Chili Con Turkey is spiked with a tablespoon of a secret belly-banishing ingredient. PAGE 131.

Get rid of that uncomfortable “stomach roll” FOREVER: Enjoy a delicious Abs Diet Breakfast Bacon Burger. It has four “secret” ingredients that say no-no to belly fat. PAGE 119.

The NEW Abs Diet for Women changes the way your span burns fat. So you can lose up to 12 pounds from your belly first and get a washboard-flat stomach in just 6 weeks. And, The NEW Abs Diet for Women works on your whole span. You get tighter. Leaner. Sexier. Much sexier.
How to eat TWICE AS MANY CALORIES — but still rev up your spanbolism by 9 percent. PAGE 90.

Proven method to BLOCK the “storage effect” fats have in your span — without giving up delicious fats in your diet. So easy! PAGE 47.

Lose 61 percent more span fat: drink this before your workout. PAGE 88.

With The Abs Diet for Women, you EAT MORE to WEIGH LESS…
The menu on The NEW Abs Diet for Women may astound you. You eat foods FILLED WITH FLAVOR—everything from pasta, hoagie rolls, and maple syrup to waffles, grits, and pork chops!

Can a diet this delicious, this easy, this satisfying really work? Oh, yes … it works:
Just ask Rebecca. She dropped 30 pounds fast. “It doesn’t feel like a diet. It feels like I’m living!”
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Secrets to instant sex appeal and how to arouse your partner in ways you never dreamed of.
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Take advantage of this special offer today and shift your fat-burning spanbolism into overdrive!
Kelly Jennings
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