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The Health RangerDear NaturalNews readers,

Superfood microalgae is the most nutrient-dense food source I know, and to help make it easier to get these superfoods into your diet, we've created a new blend of laboratory-validated Clean Chlorella and Hawaiian Spirulina.

It's called the Health Ranger's Pure Microalgae Superfood Blend (powder), and it's made with absolutely no fillers, excipients, binders or flow agents.

Chlorella and spirulina superfoods are renowned for their nutritional potency, providing trace minerals, phytonutrients, natural vitamins, potent chlorophyll and even essential fatty acids. That's why so many people add these superfoods to their diets, blending them into "green smoothies" to dramatically increase the nutritional density of their diets.

In a world where so many foods are lacking minerals and nutrients, superfoods are a way to fill in the missing pieces of the nutrition puzzle and support your span's natural assimilation of bioavailable nutrients.

I know you want pure superfood made with honest ingredients, clean raw materials and no fillers. That's why we don't source chlorella from China, and it's why we painstakingly test every single raw material and production batch for heavy spanls.

This superfood blend is GMO Guard certified (meaning it has no GMOs), vegan and laboratory validated for low heavy spanls. It is not certified organic, but that's only because the USDA's organic standards don't really translate into aquaculture products. Obviously, all the microalgae we use is grown completely without any agricultural pesticides or herbicides whatsoever.

Check it out at the Natural News Store and enjoy adding this potent microalgae superfood blend to your smoothies!


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Thank you for all your support of the NN Store. We are putting your support to good use and about to launch revolutionary new solutions at www.FoodRising.org which will show you how to produce your own food, medicine and even food-based nutritional supplements without using any electricity. That launch is now just over two weeks away.


Thank you for your support, and stay healthy for 2015!

- Mike Adams, the Health Ranger


* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.


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