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Doctor with vaccine
Evidence emerges that measles outbreaks are deliberately encouraged by Big Pharma to ignite vaccine hysteria
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While mainstream media uses the measles outbreak to destroy medical freedom and call for absolute obedience to the vaccine industry, they still refuse to cover two important stories:

CDC Whistleblower exposes cover-up to conceal MMR vaccine links to autism and Merck whistleblowers expose 10 years of ongoing fraud, and falsification of data about the efficacy of the MMR vaccine.

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Biotech, Big Agriculture, and toxic pharmaceuticals combine to create a well-orchestrated blend of death and destruction. Don’t be a lab rat who suffers the consequences:

Farmers across the globe are committing suicide in record numbers. Studies reveal pesticide exposure increases risk of depression by 90%:

A formerly healthy woman with no previous medical issues is dead after receiving a flu shot. The CDC says her death was caused by the flu rather than the shot:

Maryland elementary school has incorporated a smoothie bar to get students to eat more fruits and vegetables:

A new study suggests that the scent of citrus essential oils can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, including cancer of the liver:

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Jewish writer warns of GMO/biotech holocaust
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Citrus essential oils help prevent liver cancer
(NaturalNews) A new study published in the journal Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics suggests that the scent of citronella can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, including cancer of the liver. Researchers from the Ruhr University Bochum...
Woman dies of sepsis after getting flu shot; CDC claims it as flu death, urges public to get vaccinated
(NaturalNews) A Wisconsin radiology technician who was recently forced by her employer to get a flu shot died just days later after contracting sepsis, according to reports. Katie McQuestion, a 26-year-old from Kenosha, reportedly took the jab in compliance...
Landmark study links pesticides to high depression rates
(NaturalNews) Globally, one person dies by suicide roughly every 40 seconds. Around the world, over one million people commit suicide each year -- an increase of 60 percent over the last four and a half decades. Incredibly, farmers have one of the highest...
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JPMorgan profits from the food stamp scam while Americans are fed disease-promoting junk food
(NaturalNews) When the food stamp program was first created, the idea was to help struggling Americans stay afloat while they sought employment or other means of subsistence. But today, the program is essentially run by the banking cartel, which profits...
Thousands of Americans are being sent to modern-day debtors' prisons every month
(NaturalNews) There is a saying that goes, "There is nothing new under the sun." Seems that's true for people who owe money. Once upon a time in Western Europe, circa the 19th century, debtors' prisons were a common phenomenon. And they were exactly...
Maryland elementary school introduces smoothie bar to bolster children's fruit and vegetable intake
(NaturalNews) It's no secret that most children crinkle up their noses at the mere thought of consuming vegetables and some fruits, with plenty of parents often struggling to find ways to get them to eat more greens. However, most children can't be fooled...
Two-thirds of Americans live in "Constitution-free border zones" where government can deny citizens' rights
(NaturalNews) The Obama Administration's decision to evoke "prosecutorial discretion" and not deport or otherwise detain people who are in the United States illegally -- and allow them to continue moving away from border regions to the interior of the...
Plastic compounds used in shampoos and caulking are classified as food additives
(NaturalNews) Many chemical compounds are approved by the FDA for use as food additives. One case in point is the chemical polydimethylsiloxane. Though the additive is approved for use by the FDA, it is certainly not something that would have been...
Evidence emerges that measles outbreaks are deliberately encouraged by Big Pharma to ignite vaccine hysteria
(NaturalNews) While the mainstream media is busy making a mockery of itself with runaway hysteria "witch hunt" hate speech against parents who choose not to poison their children with toxic vaccines, the real story on the measles outbreak remains entirely...
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Measles outbreak likely caused by vaccinated children, science shows
(NaturalNews) While the media continues to spew emotionally charged tirades about how the anti-vaccination "movement" allegedly triggered the recent measles outbreak that health authorities believe started at Disneyland, actual science suggests that the...
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